My parts from OzStick arrived yesterday.  So happy with these guys.  The parts are great quality and it was sent Express Post meaning I got it next day.  In fact, I got it within 24 hours of ordering which is pretty amazing.  It is a lot of stuff but I believe I have all the hardware and software components to bring my Arcade dream to reality.  I will take some photos and upload them this weekend so you can check out what I bought.

Now I am really not sure what to do from here.  I keep going back and forth between a mini arcade (Basically an arcade shrunk down to be easily portable) which is what I originally wanted to build or to make it a little bit easier.  In this case, I would build the components into a small box with a HDMI out and mount the controls on top.  It would basically be something that would sit on your lap.  I think the mini arcade would be so much cooler, but my wood working skills are so poor that I don’t think I could actually build it on my own.  We’ll see!