As promised here are some pics of the parts I picked up from OzStick two days ago.  Images can be clicked on for larger versions.

I ordered (Or already possessed) the following items:

  1. Sanwa Joystick in 8 way mode
  2. 8 buttons consisting of 2 of each colour (Yellow, Red, Green and Blue)
  3. LED illuminated Coin Credit button
  4. LED illuminated Player 1 button
  5. Ipac2 PS/2 Keyboard emulator with USB converter
  6. Wiring Kit for all buttons suitable for ipac2
  7. Mounting brackets for the PCBs and Bolts for the joystick
  8. Raspberry Pi which I already had
  9. Powered USB Hub which I already had
  10. 8GB SD card
  11. 320gb mini-external hard drive (Not pictured)

All Items 1

All Items 2

IPAC 2 Keyboard Emulator

Sanwa Joystick

LED Illuminated Buttons

Raspberry Pi

I have also decided against a small cabinet as I know my skills are not high enough yet so have decided to build a lap or desk mounted controller box which will house all components and only have external plugs for power and the HDMI connection to a TV or Monitor.  Once this is done and I have more confidence, I will then progress to a half height cabinet!