As of writing, Star Citizen is up to $934,212 of its $2,000,000 goal.  I have also heard they are considering a Kickstarter campaign to help supplement their funds which I think is a good idea.  At this rate, they might end up falling a bit short simply for the fact that there has not been enough publicity about the game so far.  Kickstarter would get it noticed by a larger audience and would almost surely provide for falling short with their private crowd funding adventure.  There is still buzz and new interest though as they have been maintaining $100,000 per day for the past few days which is encouraging considering it has bene going for over a week now.  With any luck they can get there without Kickstarter, but even if they do, they should surely get whatever they are lacking and perhaps a bit more to go for those Stretch goals and give us a better game sooner.  We can only hope!