Welcome to Part 6 of my World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria review. Today, I am looking at the zone The Dread Wastes, the 89-90 level zone where most of you will hit 90.

Well what can I say about the Dread Wastes? It is a very good zone that really feels like a culmination of our journey to date in Pandaria. It has a good mix of quest objectives and new mechanics plus some memorable quest chains. Plus, one of the best parts about it is that it is the zone that I hit 90 in. That always makes it that much special and I usually end up running the same route when levelling my second toon. It was the case in BC. I hit Netherstorm instead of Shadowmoon Valley and even to this day, toons I level through BC will end up in Netherstorm. In Wrath of the Lich King, the same thing happened with Storm Peaks over Icecrown.

Amongst the highlights of the zone was the quest hub of Soggy’s Gamble, a shipwreck where the survivors ask you to complete certain tasks. A couple of the quests had slow respawns which was a bit of a pain but it wasn’t that bad. There is also an introduction to the Klaxxi, an insectoid race who for once are nice! Well if not nice than at least tolerant of us. Your main quests with these guys involves waking up their Paragons and eventually leads to an introduction to one of the new raids opening in Mists as well as dailies for the Klaxxi rep grind.

Finally, for Scribes, the best spot to get herbs that mill into Misty Pigment is the Briny Muck. The sheer amount of Foolscap that spawns there is insane and the chance to ‘drop’ Misty Pigment is just above 50% in my experience. Everything else is much lower than that. When the ink trader finally becomes active it will get better as even if you don’t get Misty Pigment, you can just trade Ink of Dreams for Starlight Ink.