Welcome to Part 7! Today I am going to go over Mining and Herbalism in Mists of Pandaria. Obviously since these are gathering professions, there isn’t that much to say but I do have some tips for those starting out.


Mining is probably the easiest profession to level. While Herbalism requires going to Kun Lai Summit to level all the way to 600, you can get to 600 Mining by just questing in The Jade Forest. You start with Ghost Iron which as usual is available along any hilly/rocky area (And it is in abundance) until 550 when you can farm Rich Ghost Iron. While Ghost Iron will go grey before 600, Rich Ghost Iron will still be green meaning you can easily level all the way. The other two mining items in the expansion are Kyparite and Trillium. Kyparite only spawns in high level zones and is only useful for Blacksmithing and for an Engineering mount. It isn’t smelted, it is just used as is.

Trillium is the new Titanium/Pyrium of the expansion and is primarily used for Living Steel, the Alchemist transmuted uber bar. It is also requires for some Blacksmithing and Engineering recipes. Trillium is a rare spawn from Ghost Iron nodes.

The other big change to Mining is that gems no longer have a chance to drop. All gems must be prospected! There are nodes everywhere though so this isn’t really much of an issue.


When you start Herbalism, the first herb you’ll find is likely to be Green Tea Leaf. And by god you’ll see trillions of them while you’re levelling! It is by far the most common herb you will come across and is used for almost everything in Alchemy. There are several others you’ll see, Rain Poppy, Silkweed, Snow Lily and Fool’s Cap. Green Tea Leaf goes grey quickly so you end up needing some Rain Poppy to get you to the 550 mark by the end of The Jade Forest. Once you hit Valley of the Four Winds, Silkweed is good for quite a few more points before again going grey. To get to 600, you need to go to Kun Lai to farm Snow Lily in the mountains or to higher level zones for Fool’s Cap.

Thankfully, Blizzard changed Flask mats back to the way they used to be so they now require the new Lotus, a Golden Lotus plus some herbs. It also goes back to the old days by being a rare spawn of any other herb node rather than being a chance to drop from another herb like Frost Lotus was in Wrath of the Lich King.

Best places to farm each Herb:

  • Green Tea Leaf – Everywhere
  • Rain Poppy – Around the rivers and lakes in The Jade Forest
  • Silkweed – Along the river in the middle of Valley of the Four Winds
  • Snow Lily – In Kun Lai Summit, go up the left hand side and curve up into the mountains headed towards Shadow-Pan Monastery to Peak of Serenity
  • Fool’s Cap – Briny Muck in Dread Wastes