I am almost ready to commence building!  I have been working on the software side, getting RetroPie installed so I can start testing different emulators and games.  It is so much fun!  A friend is working on a full sized cabinet and he has been hard at work planning and constructing his panel layout.  This site is awesome for planning control layouts as you can just print it, stick it to your MDF and drill your holes.  What’s next for mine?  Well due to my lack of power tools, I am having to wait a couple of weeks before I can begin building mine.  Because mine is small, I am hoping that a day or 2 will be sufficient to at least have the base structure complete, but we’ll see.  Gluing and finishing will certainly take quite a while, but once everything has been cut and the need for power tools is over, completing the project will happen pretty quickly.  I am so excited!  I was worried that the Ipac2 I bought from OzStick might need drivers to work in Linux, but no, it is a true PS/2 emulator and passes key commands directly to the OS.  Only issue is that it repeats which you don’t want to do, but that is easily fixed!