I have an 8-5 job in IT, but on the side I develop websites.  I have three websites under my belt now and it feels pretty good.  I am still waiting to get something more than a simple 1 pager, but it is only a matter of time!  My greatest challenge has been rapidly expanding my knowledge of developmental languages.  My HTML and CSS was already solid, but these days that just isn’t enough.  Now, I am finding that knowledge of Javascript goes beyond being essential and into the realms of expected.  I’m fine with this but it does put me behind somewhat.  Javascript isn’t so bad though.  Luckily, the syntax and object orientatedness (Is that a word? lol) of the language means that some of my C# experience has helped as I have learned this language.  It also helps that I do not need to become an expert in it with the help of so many excellent Javascript Libraries out there that as long as you have enough knowledge to understand what’s happening, you can somewhat rely on these libraries to take a lot of the grind out of web design.

This isn’t my only side hobby though.  I’ve long had a keen interest in photography.  While I don’t think I would want to be a photographer full time, I really enjoy it.  Since I already have much of the required equipment already, I thought that something that will set me apart from the crowded web design/development arena would be to provide photography services for clients.  It would be limited to portraits and product photography because I don’t see clients needing any more than that.  But I think it would be a good value add considering I already have most of the required equipment.  I need a bit more work to develop my skills, but thanks to a few friends of mine, I will at least get some solid portrait experience once I fill out my few missing pieces of kit.

Finally, thanks to some experience I am getting from work and my friends at Geek Speak Live, I have been considering starting my own podcast.  I have a lot to say and think that people will enjoy listening to it!  I’m still debating it at this stage, but I know it will be pop culture related.  Thankfully, while the genre might be the same as Geek Speak, mine would differ quite significantly.  I am a big fan of Geek Speak and have no desire to compete with them.  While Geek Speak focuses primarily on Comics with Movies, TV and gaming distantly filling the minor places, I would focus more on gaming, TV and Movies (In that order) and probably ignore comics entirely as I never really got in to them.  The only comics I’ve really read and followed are The Walking Dead and Buffy Season 8 & 9.  Plus, since my employer owns all the equipment necessary, it won’t cost me anything and it raises the profile of my other side projects.

I think that is enough to keep me busy and who knows, maybe one day I will be able to give up my 8-5 job and just do this for a living!