So I’ve gone from using standard hosts to a Linux VPS since I have need for some of its other features.  So I had a crash course in Apache2 setup over the weekend and migrated this as well as a couple other minor sites to the new host.  I don’t have everything 100% yet, but I think I am pretty close.  Of course once I hit the Submit button on this post we’ll see just how successful it was because there might be issues that I have not encountered yet that might ream me when I actually try to modify it.

The VPS will be great not just for the unlimited websites I can easily host with it, but to also act as a host for a PennMUSH and IRC servers.  I got both of those up and running over the weekend as well and had a shit load of fun doing it.  I always enjoyed that sort of stuff and with my programming skills building I finally feel like I have the capacity to do it properly.  I have plans for both the MUSH and IRC servers which I’ll keep under wraps for now.  I am discussing options with an old friend of mine that I think (With a mammoth amount of work) turn into something really exciting.  Stay tuned for more news about that.

I decided to use UnrealIRCD for the IRC server and chose Anope for Services.  The IRC server itself was simple but the Services are a bitch.  The issue with using somewhat obscure things such as this is that the online documentation is often quite good but assumes knowledge that not everyone possesses or if you run into problems, the communities are quite small, thus making it difficult to troubleshoot issues.  For the MUSH server, I originally went with the current version of PennMUSH which is 1.8.5p4, but since I felt I needed a Space system, I decided to go with HSpace so to make it easier for me, I grabbed the latest copy of that and PennMUSH 1.8.5p3 so almost the current version.

So this represents my first post in some time.  I kept meaning to submit something new, but just never quite got there.  We’ll see how I go.  I also need to make some updates about the MAME cabinet.  I haven’t done much else with it because the box and I are not in the same town at the moment!  I just need to reclaim it so that I can fit it out and then power it up to test its functionality.

I promise to try to not take so long in my next post.  Yes, that’s for you Kevin. :)