Another new host, new challenges and the MAME Cabinet

So I've gone from using standard hosts to a Linux VPS since I have need for some of its other features.  So I had a crash course in Apache2 setup over the weekend and migrated this as well as a couple other minor sites to the new host.  I don't have everything 100% yet, but [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 4b

As promised here are some pics of the parts I picked up from OzStick two days ago.  Images can be clicked on for larger versions. I ordered (Or already possessed) the following items: Sanwa Joystick in 8 way mode 8 buttons consisting of 2 of each colour (Yellow, Red, Green and Blue) LED illuminated Coin [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 4

My parts from OzStick arrived yesterday.  So happy with these guys.  The parts are great quality and it was sent Express Post meaning I got it next day.  In fact, I got it within 24 hours of ordering which is pretty amazing.  It is a lot of stuff but I believe I have all the [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 3

Well I ordered my control parts today!  I found this awesome Aussie site that sells not only the buttons and joysticks needed, but also a Keyboard Emulator to plug them all into!  It means that once they are connected, all I need to do is go into the Emulator and map the buttons or directions [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 2

So I've decided that getting the controller working with the Cabinet is going to be by far the hardest part so I am going to start smaller.  If I can manage to get this to work I'll then go on to the full size machine.  Thankfully, the software is going to be easy.  There is [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build

So anyone that knows me knows that while I rock at computers, my wood and metal crafting skills are less than stellar. I enjoy doing stuff like that but just struggle to make it look good. Anyway, after some inspiration from a friend, I've decided that the best use for the Raspberry Pi I bought [...]

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Star Citizen Update

As of writing, Star Citizen is up to $934,212 of its $2,000,000 goal.  I have also heard they are considering a Kickstarter campaign to help supplement their funds which I think is a good idea.  At this rate, they might end up falling a bit short simply for the fact that there has not been enough publicity [...]

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Star Citizen and the future of PC Gaming

My first gaming memories were of playing Elite and Dig Dug at a friends place.  I got my first real chance to experiment on a PC back in primary school and got my own when I was in grade 7 back in 1993.  This wonderful machine just blew my mind.  It was an AMD 386 with a [...]

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria review Part 7 – Mining and Herbalism

Welcome to Part 7! Today I am going to go over Mining and Herbalism in Mists of Pandaria. Obviously since these are gathering professions, there isn't that much to say but I do have some tips for those starting out. Mining Mining is probably the easiest profession to level. While Herbalism requires going to Kun [...]

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria review Part 6 – Dread Wastes

Welcome to Part 6 of my World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria review. Today, I am looking at the zone The Dread Wastes, the 89-90 level zone where most of you will hit 90. Well what can I say about the Dread Wastes? It is a very good zone that really feels like a culmination [...]

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