Another new host, new challenges and the MAME Cabinet

So I've gone from using standard hosts to a Linux VPS since I have need for some of its other features.  So I had a crash course in Apache2 setup over the weekend and migrated this as well as a couple other minor sites to the new host.  I don't have everything 100% yet, but [...]

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Web Development and Side Projects

I have an 8-5 job in IT, but on the side I develop websites.  I have three websites under my belt now and it feels pretty good.  I am still waiting to get something more than a simple 1 pager, but it is only a matter of time!  My greatest challenge has been rapidly expanding my knowledge [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 5

I am almost ready to commence building!  I have been working on the software side, getting RetroPie installed so I can start testing different emulators and games.  It is so much fun!  A friend is working on a full sized cabinet and he has been hard at work planning and constructing his panel layout.  This [...]

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Star Citizen and the future of PC Gaming

My first gaming memories were of playing Elite and Dig Dug at a friends place.  I got my first real chance to experiment on a PC back in primary school and got my own when I was in grade 7 back in 1993.  This wonderful machine just blew my mind.  It was an AMD 386 with a [...]

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Geek Speak Live

I'm a big fan of a local Podcast that discusses all things pop culture.  Recorded in a local comic book store, they focus primarily on comics, but also discuss movies, tv, games and the odd bit of techie goodness such as the Raspberry Pi!  They also have their own TV show, most impressive.  They have [...]

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ASP.NET, C# and Server 2008 R2 (A post about something other than WoW!)

Just so that everyone doesn't think that I only post about World of Warcraft, I thought I would post a quick update on what IT projects I am currently working on.  I have worked in IT for about 5 years now and recently my role has evolved from basic IT Support to Application Development and [...]

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