Busy as hell and MAME Cabinet

Wow, last 2 months of my life have been nuts.  I don't know how I will find time to continue updating this blog, but I am seriously going to try. First big piece of news is the continuation and expansion of a business I started in 2012, Mirus Web Design.  For the past 2 years [...]

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I’m not dead

God I am so slack.  I promise to write more blog posts.  I have a lot to write about so I really should get on that.  Including the MAME Build which I haven't worked on in quite a while. Anyway, I've moved servers again because the old one was Windows based and PHP + Windows [...]

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Another new host, new challenges and the MAME Cabinet

So I've gone from using standard hosts to a Linux VPS since I have need for some of its other features.  So I had a crash course in Apache2 setup over the weekend and migrated this as well as a couple other minor sites to the new host.  I don't have everything 100% yet, but [...]

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Web Development and Side Projects

I have an 8-5 job in IT, but on the side I develop websites.  I have three websites under my belt now and it feels pretty good.  I am still waiting to get something more than a simple 1 pager, but it is only a matter of time!  My greatest challenge has been rapidly expanding my knowledge [...]

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Star Citizen and the future of PC Gaming

My first gaming memories were of playing Elite and Dig Dug at a friends place.  I got my first real chance to experiment on a PC back in primary school and got my own when I was in grade 7 back in 1993.  This wonderful machine just blew my mind.  It was an AMD 386 with a [...]

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