Busy as hell and MAME Cabinet

Wow, last 2 months of my life have been nuts.  I don't know how I will find time to continue updating this blog, but I am seriously going to try. First big piece of news is the continuation and expansion of a business I started in 2012, Mirus Web Design.  For the past 2 years [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 6 – Dun dun DUUUUUN!

Woo, so after having to wait what seemed to be an eternity, I was finally able to build the majority of my box!  I decided to use 12mm MDF and it worked pretty well.  Only issues I encountered was some minor splitting, but that is repairable and would not have happened had I used dowel. [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 5

I am almost ready to commence building!  I have been working on the software side, getting RetroPie installed so I can start testing different emulators and games.  It is so much fun!  A friend is working on a full sized cabinet and he has been hard at work planning and constructing his panel layout.  This [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 4b

As promised here are some pics of the parts I picked up from OzStick two days ago.  Images can be clicked on for larger versions. I ordered (Or already possessed) the following items: Sanwa Joystick in 8 way mode 8 buttons consisting of 2 of each colour (Yellow, Red, Green and Blue) LED illuminated Coin [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 4

My parts from OzStick arrived yesterday.  So happy with these guys.  The parts are great quality and it was sent Express Post meaning I got it next day.  In fact, I got it within 24 hours of ordering which is pretty amazing.  It is a lot of stuff but I believe I have all the [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 3

Well I ordered my control parts today!  I found this awesome Aussie site that sells not only the buttons and joysticks needed, but also a Keyboard Emulator to plug them all into!  It means that once they are connected, all I need to do is go into the Emulator and map the buttons or directions [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build Part 2

So I've decided that getting the controller working with the Cabinet is going to be by far the hardest part so I am going to start smaller.  If I can manage to get this to work I'll then go on to the full size machine.  Thankfully, the software is going to be easy.  There is [...]

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MAME Cabinet Build

So anyone that knows me knows that while I rock at computers, my wood and metal crafting skills are less than stellar. I enjoy doing stuff like that but just struggle to make it look good. Anyway, after some inspiration from a friend, I've decided that the best use for the Raspberry Pi I bought [...]

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Geek Speak Live

I'm a big fan of a local Podcast that discusses all things pop culture.  Recorded in a local comic book store, they focus primarily on comics, but also discuss movies, tv, games and the odd bit of techie goodness such as the Raspberry Pi!  They also have their own TV show, most impressive.  They have [...]

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My new Raspberry Pi is here!

Woo!  My new Raspberry Pi just showed up.  I had one for a couple of days after launch but gave it to a friend who wanted way more than I did and the replacement one he ordered for myself (And an additional one for him!) just arrived!  Element14 are shipping these things pretty quickly now. [...]

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